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Celebrity Policy

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If you (or a person or entity that you represent) are seen on this website and you do not consent to said use of your (or the person or entity that you represent's) image or likeness herein, we would be happy to remove it from Please email us at: or fax us at: 855-968 2353, attn: Legal Department, with the following information:

(1) Your legal name (and stage name if applicable) and contact information (including e-mail address, physical address, and daytime telephone number / facsimile number).

(2) The legal name (and stage name if applicable) of the person or entity that you represent, if you are doing this on another's behalf, and a representation that you are a duly authorized representative of that person or entity.

(3) A link, or specific reference, to the objectionable material.

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(5) The following statement: "I state under penalty of perjury of the laws of Florida and the United States, that the above statements are true and correct."

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